Copper and Brass Radiator Assembly

We assemble all copper and brass radiators. Come with your damaged sample and we will assemble an exact one.

We make quality copper and brass radiators for all vehicle models, generators and machines.

We can make any radiator based on the client’s sample. No radiator is too complex for The Radiator Experts.

Our new copper and brass radiators have a one year guarantee. When you buy from us, you have guaranteed peace of mind. 

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Our copper and brass materials are of the highest quality standards, imported from Europe and are ISO certified. We are  The Radiator Experts.

- City Radiators Limited


The Raw materials i.e. Brass and Copper and other metal alloys used in the manufacture of our radiators are sourced from different parts of the world namely Sweden, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom. We also source some materials from local suppliers.

The materials are approved by the Lloyd register Quality assurance, to the following Environmental Management Systems Standard EN.ISO 14001:1996.

Our products are fully trusted from International Recommended Materials Standards (IRMS). This has given us the opportunity to serve clients both locally and internationally, with good quality products (K.B.S certified) offered by our well-trained artisans.

Our radiators can withstand a pressure of 160psi, and are well tropicalised and reinforced to withstand our tropical heat and rugged conditions.


Recore Service

We recore any copper and brass radiator.

Guarantee Offered

High Quality Core

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